AC Charger tester – EV Simulator LPT

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The AC Charger tester is used to validate the correct operations of an EV charger.

It simulates the communication between an EV and the AC charger.

Easy to use

The AC charger tester is easy to use. Just few steps are needed to validate the EV Charger is fully operational.

1) Plug in the charger and set switch “EV Ready” to on.

2) Activate the EV charger by app, mobile or RFID card which ever is applicable

3) Set switch ‘Charge’ to ‘On’: For a 1 phase EV charger LED indicator L1 will go on. For a 3 phase charger all 3 mains LEDS (L1, L2, L3) should turn on and one of the phase indictors will indicate the phase direction of the mains.

Optionally, a BNC connector offers the possibility to measure the Control Pilot (CP) signal. An Oscilloscoop or multimeter is neccesary.

The EV Charger Tester comes with a Schuko outlet. When connected with a load, it can be used to validate the energy meter (Kwh-meter) (if present in the Charger).The outlet may also be used to connect elektric tools or chargers up to a maximum of 3700 watt (fused).

Sockets and Tethered cables

The EV Simulator has a special type 2 plug which allows mating with sockets as with Type 2 female plugs. While this might sound obvious, a “normal” male plug will not fit a female plug. It only fits sockets. This is done to prevent that charge cables are uses as extension cords. The advantage of this plug is that it can be used to test the following:

  • Charger with Type 2 socket
  • Charger with Type 2 plug (tethered cable)
  • Charger with Type 1 plug (extra adapter is needed)
  • Charge cables (a working charge point is needed)

English and Dutch user manual

The AC chargers tester comes with a  comprehensive user manual. It explains how to test the charger and also it explains how an EV and charger communicates. This provides a deeper insight in how the charger works and helps understanding and solving fault condition.

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